Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line
Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line
Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line
Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

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Brief Introduction
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Main Parameters
Demand of world wide plastic pipe continues to increase annually (source: The Freedonia Group Inc). More and more new applications are forecasted to come up as concerns on environment and energy becoming more compelling.
Drawing upon profuse experience in this field, we have innovatively manufactured a number of state-of-the-art machines and developed a concept which enables our customers to pursue the most while keeping a possibly lowest cost. The Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line from HiSuccess International can use a variety of polymers such as PE, PP, PVC to produce a broad range of plastic pipes with solid quality.

Specification of typical single screw extrusion lines
Extrusion Capacity kg/h 100~200 150~250 200~300 300~400
Diameter of Screw mm 60 75 90 120
L/D Ratio of Screw 33:1 33:1 33:1 33:1
Extruder Heating Power kw 15 15 18 20
Main Motor Power kw 90 110 160 280~315
Pipe Diameter Range mm Φ20~Φ160 Φ110~Φ250 Φ110~Φ400 Φ160~Φ500
Total Power kw 137 188 247 399
Size (L×W×H) m 30×6×4 35×6×4 38×6×4 40×6×4
Applicable materials for single screw extrusion line are PE, PP and etc.

Specification of typical conical twin extrusion lines
Extrusion Capacity kg/h 100~120 200~250 350~400 500~600
Diameter of Screw mm 51/105 65/132 80/156 92/188
Extruder Heating Power kw 15 24 36 46
Main Motor Power kw 15 37 55 110
Pipe Diameter Range mm Φ20~Φ160 Φ50~Φ160 Φ250~Φ400 Φ315~Φ630
Total Power kw 61 92 135 203
Size (L×W×H) m 30×6×4 35×6×4 38×6×4

Applicable materials for conical twin screw extrusion line are PVC, UPVC and etc. Two extrusions from one mould and four extrusions from one mould are also achievable by the conical twin screw extrusion lines

Features of The Extrusion Line
1. Compact design takes up less room and enables a flexible layout of the assembly line.
2. State-of-the-art design gives the machine exclusive advantages of high productivity and superb cost efficiency.
3. The extrusion production line can employ single and twin extruder which have a wide range of processing applications by certain slight change and replacements of some parts.
4. Patented technology entitles our production line having good homogeneity and plasticity while possessing high performance in reasonably lower melt temperature.
5. Competent for producing a few kinds of plastic pipes such as PE, PVC, PP pipe with diameters range from 16mm to 630mm.
6. Customer-oriented design can meet specific requirements of different customers.
7. All-around technical supports and comprehensive before and after sale services ensure a smooth and care-free operation of this line.
8. A number of adoptions of automation can precisely control the process thus resulting in a solid quality of final products.

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