Roll Forming Machine

Roll Forming Machine

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Roll Forming Machine can produce many kinds of high quality and good-looking metal products, such as C/Z purlines, Wall and Roof panel, Glazed tile, Floor deck, Door frame, High-way Guard-rail, Down pipe and so on. This machine is full-automatically controlled by PLC system and has beautiful appearance and strong structure. We can design and manufacture any kind of Roll Forming Machine according to the customer's requirements.

C and Z Roll Forming Machine
The C and Z roll forming machine can produce different specifications of C and Z purline by adjusting the positions of the rollers. One machine can produce 5 specifications products according to customer's requirements. The product is widely used in steel construction project.

Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

Different Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machines can produce different kinds of metal tiles. The tiles are widely used in construction and building, such as residential building, super market, factory and so on.

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine

C and Z Roll Forming Machine
ITEM UNIT C Purline Machine Z Purline Machine
Total Power kw 15 15
Roll Station 18 16
Thickness mm 1~3 1~3
Speed m/min 3~8 3~8
Diameter of the Shaft mm Φ80 Φ80
Control System PLC PLC
Weight mt ≈11 ≈10
Dimension (LxWxH) 11x0.8x1.3 10 x 0.8 x1.3

Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine
Main Machine Power kw 7.5 7.5
Hydraulic Station Power kw 3 3
Roll Station 18 16
Thickness mm 0.4~0.6 0.4~0.6
Speed m/min 2~3 2~3
Uncoil width mm 1250 1250
Control system PLC PLC
Total weight mt ≈8 ≈8
Dimension (LxWxH) 11.5x1.4x1.3 10.5x1.4 x1.3
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